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Dozens of content widgets & apps to display & update a large variety of dynamic content.

Dynamic Content

Automated Playback

Comprehensive day-parting and scheduling across individual or groups of devices.

Multi-user Platform

No licensing fees or limits on the number of role-based user in the account.

Digital Signage Software Platform for Winning Communication

Remotely manage a network of digital signs, content, playlists and playback schedules

Upload Media

Add videos, images, RSS,  HTML5, weather, social media, traffic, metrics dashboard & more.

Smart Playlists

Automatically create campaign playlists based on content tags

Dozens of content widgets to choose from: event listings, flight info, emergency alerts etc.

Dynamic Content

Schedule content days/weeks/months in advance, individually or as a group.

Comprehensive Scheduling

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Digital Signage Software Features

Web-based | Easy to Use | Content Apps & Widgets Included | Role-based User Management

                  Media Library                                    Dynamic Content Widgets                    Remote Device Management

             Drag-n-Drop Playlists                            Multi-zone Screen layouts                        Scheduling & Dayparting

Easy to Use | Accessible over the Web

  • The digital signage software CMS includes dozens of content apps & widgets for displaying and updating content 
  • Display Uber & Lyft, weather, traffic, HTML, social media, Google Docs, PDF and more
  • Smart Playlists can be auto-populated based on content tags 
  • The CMS allows for full screen or multi-zone screen layouts
  • Multiple users can collaborate on the same network 

Smart Digital Signage CMS

The Mvix digital signage software CMS offers a unique non-streaming technology for the signage systems. 

Content is always downloaded to the signage players so the screens are never blank, even when there is no internet.

Additional smart features include:

  • Playlist transition effects
  • Multi-zone screen layouts
  • Overlapping zones
  • Multi-screen scheduling
  • Role-based publishing
  • Remote live preview

Unlimited Users

Multi-user platform with role-based hierarchy. No licensing or usage fees for users

Unlimited Devices

Each account can have unlimited signage players/devices, which can be grouped with permissions. 

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited cloud storage for large media files or use your own file storage. 

What our clients say.....

“The Mvix digital signage software is exactly what we needed. In fact, this project was an important milestone for our marketing team - with less effort, they're able to offer our guests elevated on-site experiences that have resulted in repeat business, positive reviews, and an enhanced brand image.

Ron Sprouse | Kings Dominion

Over 15K Clients and 50K Active Screens

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